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U-NICA, a Swiss company, is a recognized leader in Product- and Brand Value Protection. It does not tolerate counterfeiting, because it is organized crime. This self-conception is the deep root of U-NICA’s passion, to provide its customers with the leading anti-counterfeit solution for brand protection, product security and authentication.

U-NICA’s deep knowledge derives from the expertise of banknotes protection, authentication and the associated methods and technology. It is our ambition to make such protection accessible to many industries threatened by forgery. This led to the U-NICA Protection Circle® and the development of the scyrptoTRACE® suite, an entirely digital solution, that allows representing the world of physical products in the digital one.

Superior to any protection solution relying on a single-feature mechanism, you benefit today from a minimally invasive, easy to apply and sustainable end to end protection solution of a much higher level of security, at a highly affordable price. All this, by utilizing the scryptoTRACE® suite solution’s multi-technology, multi-level, and multi-zone protection.

We promise to enable our clients to always take the driver’s seat when it comes to brand protection. We stand by our customers as a true-blue partner in their fight against counterfeits and organized crime and support them in protecting their products and brand values and maintain and strengthen the trust in their brands & products.

Acviss Technologies is a world leader in anti-counterfeiting and consumer engagement technology. Acviss has protected more that 150 million products across verticals and across geographies. With multiple patented solutions the company's products provide 360 degree protection from fakes and pilferage while building trust between brands and consumers.

Acviss' technology works not just offline but online as well, helping brands and consumers protect themselves from fakes being sold on e-commerce sites and marketplaces.

The company leverages modern technology like AI/ML, Computer vision and Blockchain to help brands track & trace products through supply chain, certify products as genuine and also to monitor products online while enhancing trust and loyalty.

The company has a bold vision of wiping out fakes completely and ensuring trust between brands and consumers is well protected!

Videojet is the world’s leading manufacturerof high-quality coding and marking equipment and supplies.It is part of the USD29 Billion Danaher Corporation, and operates in 135 countries with an installed base of 350,000 printers worldwide.

Videojet’s large and small character inkjet printers, laser coding systems, thermal transfer printers and labeling equipment apply variable data such as best-by dates, production date, lot number and operator information, as well as bar codes, QR codes onto virtually every possible product packaging, shipping container or pallet for product identification. Videojet is committed to providing quality equipment, supplies, and service designed to perform with maximum reliability, efficiency, ease of operation and little maintenance.

Videojet Technologies Inc, has a direct presence in India through Videojet Technologies (I) Pvt. Ltd. with its corporate office in Mumbai. We serve our customers from over 52 locations in India and have a state of the art technology center located in Navi-Mumbai.

Lancers Risk Consulting is South Asia’s leading Brand Protection, Corporate Intelligence & Security Risk Consulting firm operating in this specialized field for the last 42 years. Their extensive network enables the organization to serve their clients across the region. Their strong pool of professionals from various backgrounds enables Lancers to deliver a high standard of services and meet their client’s expectations consistently. Lancers cover India through a team of 125 professionals operating across our network of 5 branch offices and Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal through our trusted network.

Lancers’ Brand Protection Unit covers India through a dedicated team of 65 professionals who successfully conduct upwards of 500 investigations and enforcement actions protecting clients in the cement, liquor, lubricants, FMCG, electrical, automotive, construction material, etc. sectors across India.

To know more about Lancers, visit their website and review the corporate video on

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‘Ciphercode’ patented authentication technology, off-the-shelf solutions are key to its customer’s early adoption of inevitable Web 3.0. Brandwise® is its platform built on blockchain, uses crypto based unit level authentication & offers unique D2C engagement. Be a part of token economy, deliver immersive consumer experience & seamless value transition of physical to digital world.”

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ApiraSol combines online intelligence with shipments analytics, uncovering the entire illicit supply chain, from producers to importers, distributors and retailers ApiraSol was founded in Germany in 2010 with support from the German private sector. ApiraSol is the investigative approach to Brand Protection. The 'ApiraSol Cluster Analysis'​, combines online intelligence with shipments analytics, uncovering the entire counterfeit supply chain, from producers to importers, distributors and retailers. We are able to identify manufacturers behind online listings and help brand owners to translate web-based intelligence into concrete physical seizures, and investigation.

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Inventicon stands for Industries + Events + Ideas + Concepts. Inventicon Business Intelligence is the end result of a decade long effort by the founders in the space of business information. We develop sector focused informational conferences and training workshops. Our conferences revolve around current scenarios and opportunities in the global market place and provide timely opportunities for solution providers to meet their target market and for end users to take back key learning and experiences. Our events act as a point of convergence for senior industry professionals who strive for innovation, strategy and commercial drive. Delegates can expect to hear from industry's best practitioners, get in direct contact with regulators and stimulate high level discussions with peers. The training portfolio is dedicated to developing skill sets around complex workplace and functional issues as they need constant honing. Our in-house training offerings are particularly useful for companies who prefer a customized agenda.

The bespoke events portfolio aims at crisp round table discussions involving a targeted group of end users in a multi-city format. In true sense, we aspire to disseminate critical business intelligence to the rapidly growing corporate and institutional world in the country and not limited to a specific sector.