Understanding the broad effects of product counterfeiting and its mitigation by implementing the best practices and strategies for protecting your brand from infringers


The Indian counterfeit market is growing at the rate of 44% per annum as per reports. In India, approximately 3 billion pieces of counterfeit and pirated products were seized in 2013. Of these, 2.3 billion pieces were illicit pharmaceutical products, 470 million pieces were electronic appliances and 50 million pieces were foodstuff. There is annual loss of US $ 2 billion because of counterfeited auto components alone. Counterfeiting is a global problem and is growing at an alarming rate and India is a large market for such activities. India's booming e-commerce environment has added further complexities. Counterfeiting not only affects the sales and revenue of the industry but also dents the reputation of brands and results in heavy revenue losses due to unaccounted sales and a huge challenge to the 'Make in India' program.

Key Benefits

  • Get to know the global trends in anti- counterfeiting
  • Be up-to-date with the amendments in the legal provisions
  • Discuss the strategies to protect your brand from infringers
  • Gain insight into the advanced technologies available in the market for anti- counterfeiting
  • Meet and connect with stalwarts from across industries



  • Overview of the counterfeiting and brand protection issues in India
  • Role of customs to prevent counterfeited goods to make way across borders
  • Fight counterfeiting with the help of advanced technologies
  • Developing strategies to protect your brand and measures to be taken for implementation
  • Identifying risk prone areas through risk profiling
  • Latest global trends in anti- counterfeiting
  • Counterfeits in the supply chain: A big challenge faced by firms
  • Key aspects and procedures of filing and effective legal suit to counter infringers Conducting successful anti- counterfeiting raids
  • IP in brand protection and importance of patent registration
  • Legal provisions and their enforcement in India
  • Recent legislative developments; government expectations from IP holders
  • Role of packaging and strategies to develop anti- counterfeit packaging
  • Consumer awareness: How to help consumers from falling prey to counterfeiters and their products
  • Industry focused case studies on pharma, automobile, FMCG, electronics (computers and mobile phones) and online counterfeiting


  • Pharmaceutical
  • FMCG
  • Auto
  • Electronics (computers and mobile phones)
Job titles
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Brand Protection
  • Legal affairs/ Litigation
  • Packaging head
  • Supply chain head
  • Investigation
  • Trademark
  • Corporate Security
  • Compliance and Enforcement
  • Global Security
  • IP Counsel



  • Discussing the latest trends in global counterfeiting and in India
  • Understanding the aspects of counterfeiting and strategies to combat it
  • Learning about the best practices in the industry to protect your brand
  • Knowing about the provisions and amendments in the legal scenario in India
  • Connecting with the industry experts and learn about their experiences
  • Assessing your own organizations current ERM status and identifying areas of improvement
  • Networking opportunity with fellow industry experts and professionals

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